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Scattering ashes in the ocean is a heartwarming way to honor your loved ones that have passed and give closure to a life well lived. Schedule your special time with Les George, a sensitive and accommodating Captain.

Burial At Sea
Frequently Asked Questions

Are services available on weekends?
Yes. Weekends are the most convenient time for most people to gather together for the burial at sea ceremony. Services are also available at other times for the convenience and desires of the survivors.

Can you accommodate special requests for scattering?
Yes, we will attempt to satisfy any special requests provided they are not in violation of governing state or federal statutes.

Do I have to make a reservation?
Yes. Although we are available daily, we would prefer to have you contact us to set up the time and date for the sea scattering. You can give our phone number to others who you feel might attend . . . to receive directions, parking, etc.

Can we set an appointment for the scattering service?
Yes. Appointments are usually made to gather attendees at the landing for subsequent departure. Usually arriving 15 minutes before scheduled departure is sufficient.

Do you have restrooms on board?

Do you scatter pet ashes?
Yes, usually when we are scattering other ashes.

How do I know I can trust you?
We have been scattering ashes at sea for over 20 years without incident. We provide service to many United States mortuaries. We can provide references upon request. You will be on board during the scattering. No unattended scattering aboard Obsession.

How long is the cruise?
Usually 1½ hours, depending on the “service to be conducted” arrangements made prior to departure.

I’ve had the ashes for some time. What can I do now?
Many people choose to keep the ashes of a loved one at home for a while (maybe even years) before feeling the need to make a decision about their ultimate placement. This is very common. Call us for assistance.

Is the cruise safe for children?
Yes, high railings around the boat, and non-skid decks help keep children safe. All children under 90 pounds are provided with life vests for the trip.

What about payment?
Payment by personal check, money order or cashier's check will be expected when reservation is made. Make check payable to Capt.Les George.

How is payment made and when?
Payment is by personal check, money order or cashier’s check. We do not take credit cards and discourage sending cash.

What about providing flowers?
Family and friends customarily bring “cut flowers” for tossing into the ocean immediately after the ashes are lowered. Wreaths are also sometimes used, but the wreath must be completely biodegradable. Styrofoam wreaths are not approved for placing in the ocean.

What are the locations available for scattering at sea?
Our primary scattering area is off the coast of Oceanside, Southern California.

What if I want to talk to you personally?
Call me, Captain Les George 760 212-2963. I’ll be glad to talk to you. Email

What questions should I ask a burial at sea company?
- Is the boat selected for your group Coast Guard certified to safely carry the number of people in your party?
- Does the company carry insurance?
- Will the burial be performed within 30 days?
- Are those involved in burial at sea licensed U.S. Coast Guard Masters?
- Are all your questions answered to your satisfaction?
Pacific Coast Sail Charters has met these requirements for 20 years. In these times when personal service is often difficult to find, we trust you will find our service to your satisfaction.

What type of clothing/shoes/hat/glasses should we wear?
Wear warm clothes, preferable wind-proof, non-skid shoes, a head cover and sunglasses. complete list

Where can I get information on cremation?
Your best source is your local funeral director. He has all the information you need to make an appropriate decision about cremation and scattering of ashes. His experience can guide you throughout the entire process.

Why do people scatter ashes at sea?
The reasons vary from person to person and family to family. Generally, people select scattering of ashes at sea because they want to return to nature what nature created.

Will I get sea sick?
If you are concerned about becoming sea sick, we recommend considering taking a dose of anti-motion sickness medication as the waves do cause a little bit of rocking.

Would our family and guests be the only ones on the boat at the time of scattering?
The boat is exclusivly yours for the cruise and memorial service. Family and friends may conduct whatever type of memorial service they wish, and the Captain will perform the scattering ceremony.

Can I visit the scattering site later?
Yes, knowing the exact coordinates of the scattering site, we can take you to that spot for any memorial you have in mind. The cost of this special re-visit service is $750.

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Burial at Sea


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