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A collection of photos and journaling on a sailing adventure with Captain Les George aboard Obsession.

The most recent sailing adventure is the one to French Polynesia on the boat Obsession, a Cal 39. The adventure started from Oceanside Harbor CA on March 24th sailed around Cabo San Lucas, to the Marquesas and ended back in Oceanside Harbor on August 30, 2009

For more detailed info and pictures look here for the link to the sailing BLOG soon to be added.

Obsession March 25, 2009 Update
Good morning
We had a good run yesterday we made 148 miles and the seas were not as bumpy as the days before. We ran the engine yesterday and did not get a very good charge. When we are sending Pactor messages it confuses the Smart regulator and it does not allow for full output of the alternator. So we have to charge after we are done sending mail. We have had a lot of cloud cover so the solar is limited a little. When the sun shines full we were getting around 13 amps from them and they are rated at 12 amps. I am pleased. Everything on board is working well and we are doing fine.
Yesterday afternoon we watched the movie Wind how fitting. It is a nice break for the afternoon.
Oh I am not normally a reader except for technical books , manuals and chart guides.  Well those of you that know my Friend Bill Riddle from Hawaii know he wrote a book named Dead Down Wind. Well I started reading it the day before yesterday and I have really gotten into it. It is a great book and I have not been able to put it down. Nice Job Bill. Well, That’s it for now. Update to follow tomorrow.

OBSESSION August 30, 2009
Kaneohe to Oceanside
Day 18

Today has been another great sailing day. The winds have not dropped below 18 knots in the past 2 ½ days. We are consistently making 7 knots and if things continue and the weather forecast calls for good winds through our sailing period we should arrive in Oceanside harbor in the afternoon on Tuesday. We are at this point just 150 miles from Catalina and at this point are planning on stopping at Catalina tomorrow evening and getting a mooring and some rest before finishing our last leg of our journey. We are not sure exactly where we are going to stop, but we should be at Catalina Island in the mid afternoon on Monday. We will then get some good sleep, go to shore and have a nice dinner and then head for Oceanside early on Tuesday morning. We plan on arriving between  in Oceanside around 2-3 pm. That’s the plan for now. Today we have started our deep cleaning of the boat and still plan on working on it as we tomorrow and on Tuesday  on the way home. Today we caught a nice albacore tuna and that will be our final dinner at sea tonight. I think we will have fish tacos. Oh one more thing yesterday we just logged our 12,000 mile since we left on this trip almost six months ago. Lots of water out here.
Today’s subject will be very short as we are still in fairly rolly seas. I think I will write today about Provisioning and food planning.


You can buy a ton of books on this subject and every cruising magazine has many suggestions. And every person and boat will be different depending on food storage areas, and what kind of freezer/cooler space you have.
On OBSESSION before we left we tried to  stock most of the hard foods, like rices, Pastas, Canned food, and anything that would keep. We were able to store enough hard foods to get us almost 5 months. We were quite loaded with food and having all that food aboard made it much easier to prepare meals.
Prior to leaving we had a freezer on the boat that runs on 110 volts and can really freeze stuff. So we had all friends and families make 2-3 frozen meals each and when we left Oceanside we had enough food that was premade for about 3 weeks. We kept them in the deep freezer and prior to leaving bought dry ice and packed it in between the meals. We did not get into that freezer except once a day to get that days meal out. The frozen meal went into the day box which kept the sodas and waters cold until dinner. These frozen meals were just dinners. We brought lunch meats, cheeses and sandwich stuff for lunches and kept those stores in the fridge. When the lunch stuff was gone it was tuna time. Also other canned meats.
So that is the basic plan. And it worked well. You will have to work out what works for you and your boat. And remember that the more crew you have the more you have to carry. Well that’s it for today. Talk to you all Tomorrow and will give you an update on our arrival. Les .

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